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HUSK-ITT CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer, formulator and packager of a complete line of Specialty Lubricants for a wide range of industries. We market our brand of HUSKEY Specialty Lubricants through a worldwide network of Industrial distributors. We utilize the latest in lubricant technologies. Our products have the reputation of being problem solvers, as they are known to handle the most extreme lubricating conditions. Depending on your requirements we can draw from our extensive catalog of stock products, or we can develop a custom formulation that specifically meets your needs. Our lubricants are available in a wide array of container sizes or we can offer custom packaging.

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HUSKEY COOLUBE 65 is a high performance, low temperature grease designed for high speeds and moderate loads. HUSKEY COOLUBE 65 is blended from the highest quality petroleum base stocks and selectively treated with rust, oxidation and anti-wear additives coupled with an extremely shear stable thickener...

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